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PICS from GOOD 11/28/10

A slightly smaller crowd than normal this Sunday, but as you can see from the pictures, what we may have lacked in bodies, was made up for by people’s ability to FUCKING HAVE FUN. Advertisements


Who doesn’t like the sound of synthesizers and the sweet dancy beats of the music pioneered in the 80’s? WE SURE AS FUCK DO. That’s why we are bringing our party all the way across the river from Allston to Cambridge. To assault your ears with sweet sweet dancy new wave and synth beats! SUBSTANCE … Continue reading


We are going to be playing our usual eclectic mix of floorkilling jams. Come out and say hi and have a good time with us! Check out the sweet “KIDS” movie poster rip-off flyer Joe made for the event! As usual on our Sunday parties, our good friends Caitlin, Caroline, and Angelique will be warming … Continue reading

PHOTOS FROM GOOD. on October 10th!

Man, we had another great night of dancing and partying and smiling and laughing and waving our hands in the air. Probably even some fist pumps in there too. Here are some of the highlights from the set on Sunday October 10th: Naughty By Nature-OPP EMF-Unbelievable Rhiana-Rude Boy Infidels-Love Like Semtex (fear of tigers mix) … Continue reading

PICS FROM BANGERS!!! on Sept 30th!

The last Thursday of each month, the GOOD posse throws a party at The Model called BANGERS!!! It’s a total blast. Lots of good friends come out and each month we make new ones. Check them out! And head over to our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/gooddanceparty to keep updated and tag yourself in the pictures! … Continue reading


Here is the flyer for our party on Sunday. Joe did a pretty sweet job with it I must say. SO Come out!       Also, go find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/gooddanceparty!¬†And in a few weeks our Thursday night jammer will be happening again. And it’s Gavin’s birthday, so come out and throw … Continue reading


Hey everyone, we are doing a new night on Thursday, April 29th titled “BANGERS!!!”, come out, bring your friends, fill the dance floor and let’s do this thing! As usual we will be playing sweet sweet beats: punk, 80’s, new wave, goth, metal, indie, electro, hip-hop and whatever else suits our fancy. Check back often … Continue reading


You may or may not know what it’s like to get trapped on You Tube. You go looking for something, and that little sidebar with suggestions is just so alluring. I found some great ones that I thought I would share here. I AM NOT USUALLY THE KIND OF DJ THAT WILL PLAY THE SAME … Continue reading